Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What is Colocation?...and Why You Need it

Do you think you might need colocation? For many businesses it makes sense to utilize colocation, because having web-based applications securely housed on a server can be mission critical. And while some choose to have their own data center, it is not feasible for others to take on the added expense of building and maintaining a data center.

Colocation is a common business scenario where a company or organization chooses to rent space in another organization's networked facility. This is a common practice for smaller technology companies and businesses needing web hosting, as it allows a business to put their equipment into a controlled, safe, reliable, networked environment without the cost of having their own data center.

By renting colocation space in one or a few data centers throughout the country, your company could not only save money, but provide added security and stability to your site(s).
Many companies choose a collocation company with multiple physical locations. This is done to capitalize on optimal performance. Often swings in internet traffic come from one part of the country or one area may have severe weather, or other emergency situations that affect connectivity. Businesses with data centers in multiple locations are better able to deal with these situations and continue to provide web-based applications to visitors, customers and employees.
The most important benefit to colocation may be cost. By renting space in another company's data center, you can simply move your equipment into that location and set it up. The colocation company takes responsibility for climate control, power and access to the internet.

If your company currently has a server on-site, and would like a back-up, are having problems with security or keeping it online for whatever reason, colocation is a great option.

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