Friday, December 19, 2008

Conference Calling Services

Dear Metro:

My company has grown and is looking for a new vendor to handle our conference calls. We have two additional offices and we need to be assured that meetings go smoothly - both internally, but with our clients. What kind of conference call services do you offer?

Meredith K. Charlotte, NC

Dear Meredith,

Congratulations on your new locations. It is common for businesses going through a growth phase to be concerned with infastructure and communication. Bravo to you for taking this matter seriously.

We have offer three types conference call services for you to choose from including: 1) Reservationless, 2) Operator Assisted, and 3) Event Services

Reservationless Conference Calls, (known as Reservationless-Plus) gives you on-demand conferencing. This provides you the flexibility to initiate a conference call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No reservation or operator assistance is required. You will be given a permanent number to dial-in and enter a conference code to set up the call. This is ideal for ongoing conference call needs.

If your meetings require more professionalism and attention to detail, we offer operator assisted conference calling. With a wide range of features and enchancements, Operator Assisted conferencing will be more professional, interactive and engaging. We have expert operators so that you can manage all the details so you can concentrate on call.

To enhance your operator assisted conference calls, we offer Surround-the-Call Features with dozens of options allowing you to record, broadcast and administer your meetings.

We also have a specialty service called Event Solutions. This service is for important event calling (small or large) with expert service and unmatched attention to detail for your most important conferences. Our Event Services Division is trained to provide stringent levels of customer service to ensure quality, consistency and complete satisfaction.

It starts with your Event Team. They'll help you select from a wide range of audio and web conferencing options that best suit your needs. Professional Meeting Facilitators, Event Service Specialists and Account Specialists manage your event from a pre-call rehearsal to post-call follow-up.

Typical Event Services conference calling is for events such as investor relations and quarterly earnings calls, product rollouts, employee training, press conferences and general company meetings & announcements.

For more information on any of our conference call services, call 888-400-8577 or go to the CNSG website for more information.

Converged Network Services Group

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