Wednesday, December 10, 2008

DS3 Line

Dear Metro,

Thank you for putting together this blog. It is nice to be able to get straight answers.

Can you tell me: how is data transmitted with a DS3 line?

Brian M.

Dear Brian,

You are welcome--it is nice to be able to provide answers in this way. Feel free to comment (below) on any of the Q & A as well.

If you were looking at installing or utilizing a DS3, it would be because you are large business or institution that needed a high-speed, professional solution for access to the Internet. DS3's have very high capacity connections (45 Mbps digital service) above and beyond a T1 and would be a dedicated private line service.

To answer your question, a DS3 transmits data over fiber optic cable. So it is not available every where. You would have to have a fiber optic connection available nearby, or right to your building, or one would have to be installed for you to take advantage of a DS3. This can be costly, but the benefits of a DS3 for a larger business are enormous.

I hope this answers your question--If you would like to know if a DS3 is a good solution for your business, please call us at 1.866.738.1662


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